How to make the most of your study time / Series - Take note


Joan: Hey. How’s it going at university? Have you begun to study yet?

Laura: No, I still haven’t started. The same thing happens every time: I begin to study at the last minute.

Joan: At first, I did the same thing, but then I found a way to make better use of my time and get better results.Laura: Really? Go on; tell me how you did it, you, who have so much more experience…

Joan: You need to bear in mind three things: your body, the environment, and more directly, your study techniques.

Laura: Yeah, the first point is already very clear: eating right, sleeping well and practising sport. But what do you mean by the environment and study techniques?

Joan: Those are the points!

Joan (voice off):

  1. First of all, must really make use of your daily planner: distribute the study hours one week ahead of time and jot down the important dates. This way, you make a commitment to yourself.
  2. Next, you need to create a good place to study: if you have a calendar in sight, it will help you organize your weekly responsibilities more efficiently. Moreover, a clock will mark your study and rest time, so that you can stay more focussed when studying.

Laura: I like these ideas. Go on!

  1. You will find it easier to study more efficiently once you have cleared away all the little possible distractions.
  2. The professor is an expert in the subject and was also a student at one time. Ask the teaching staff about the best way to study for the classes they teach.

Laura: It’s all much clearer now.

Joan: You’ll see that it will be very helpful in the end.

Laura: In a word …

Joan (voice off). The following list also appears on the screen []:

  1. If you have to memorise, there are more efficient methods than simple repetition. Yet you will need to learn and practise them, in order for them to be truly effective. [There are other more effective study methods than repetition]
  2. It is very important to create a study habit: for example, to study each day at the same time, and for a certain length of time. [Develop study habits]
  3. Remember that underlining, writing summaries and creating outlines are skills that can always be improved. Try to find new and better ways to study: never give up the search. [Find new ways to study] 

Laura: This makes me want to study more!

Joan: I’m glad you feel more motivated.

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Your health, study environment and skills are the clear keys to tackling university studies with guaranteed success. On this occasion, we present some basic ideas that will help you study and work more efficiently and consistently.
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